Silo Ridge Resort Community
Amenia, NY

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Deemed Complete August 21, 2014

A Public Hearing for Silo Ridge Resort Community site plan approval for the first phase of development of the Resort Community, preliminary subdivision approval, amended special permit/master development plan approval, special permit approvals for the golf maintenance facility and golf course improvements located on Parcel Grid Number 7066-00-870350, in the OC District, and special permit approval for storage at the golf maintenance facility of more than 500 pounds of fertilizers and pesticides/herbicides will be held September 4, 2014 at 7:00pm at Amenia Town Hall.

Application materials may be viewed by the public at Town Hall, at the Amenia Library, and at the Town's official website ( Additional information can be obtained by calling Town Hall at (845) 373-8118.

A. Silo Ridge Resort Community Cover Letter August 21, 2014

B. Silo Ridge Resort Community Cover Letter August 6, 2014

C. Silo Ridge Resort Community Letter Amenia Fire Department

D. Site Plan Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plant (SWPPP)

E. Silo Ridge Response to Consultant Comments

F. New York State Department of Transportation Highway Work Permit Submission

G. NYSOPRHP Submission

H. NYSDEC Pre-Application Form

I. Silo Ridge Trans Tech Geotechnical Report

J. Silo Ridge Deed Form - Condominiums, Conveyance of Common Property to HOA, and Fee Simple Homes

K. Silo Ridge Estate Homes Design Guidelines

L. Silo Ridge Resort Community Ground Water Exploration and Pumping Test Program

M. Silo Ridge Resort Community Water Budget Report for the Combined Irrigation Pond

N. Silo Ridge Revised Habitat Management Plant

O. Silo Ridge Project - Local and Regional Plan Consistency

P. Memorandum of Understanding with Dutchess Land Conservancy

Q. DRAFT Amended and Restated Finding Statements (03212014)

R. Silo Ridge Invasive Species Plant List

S. Silo Ridge Resort Community Breeding Bird Survey - Parcel 1

T. Silo Ridge Project - TND Memo

U. Silo Ridge Resort Community Native and Non-Native List

V. Silo Ridge Agreement with Dutchess County Department of Public Works

W. Amenia Fish & Game Club Information

X. Harlem Valley Landfill Corp Agreement & Easement

Y. Silo Condition Inspection Report

Z. Silo Ridge Land Use And Application

AA. Silo Ridge Special Use and Site Plan Application for Harlem Valley Landfill Corp

BB. Silo Ridge Authorization of Agent Harlem Valley Landfill Corp

CC. Silo Ridge and Harlem Valley Landfill Application Signature Page

DD. Silo Ridge Resort Community Confirmatory Visual Analysis Phase I and II

EE. Silo Ridge Resort Declaration of Condominium

FF. Silo Ridge Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges & Liens

GG. Silo Ridge Comments and Response to Visual Analysis