Silo Ridge Resort Community @ Amenia
Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Accepted Complete on October 4, 2007
Public Hearing: November 17, 2007 at 9:00 am at Silo Ridge Country Club

Notice of Completion 100407.pdf (27kb)

Silo Ridge Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Table of Contents DEIS 100407.pdf (842kb)
Chapter 1 Executive Summary 100407.pdf (12.5mb)
Chapter 2 Description of the Proposed Action 100407.pdf (779kb)
Chapter 3 Existing Conditions, Potential Impacts, and Proposed Mitigation Measures 100407.pdf (29kb)
Chapter 3.1 Soils and Geology 100407.pdf (31mb)
Chapter 3.2 Water Resources 100407.pdf (46mb)
Chapter 3.3 Vegetation 100407.pdf (891kb)
Chapter 3.4 Wildlife 100407.pdf (868kb)
Chapter 3.5 Cultural Resources 100407.pdf (298kb)
Chapter 3.6 Visual Resources 100407.pdf (14.1mb)
Chapter 3.7 Transportation 100407.pdf (1.6mb)
Chapter 3.8 Land Use and Zoning 100407.pdf (281kb)
Chapter 3.9 Local and Regional Plan Consistency 100407.pdf (95kb)
Chapter 3.10 Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services 100407.pdf (51kb)
Chapter 3.11 School District Services 100407.pdf (59kb)
Chapter 3.12 Recreation, Open Spaces Resources, and Tourisim 100407.pdf (64kb)
Chapter 3.13 Utilities-Water 100407.pdf (686kb)
Chapter 3.14 Utilities - Wastewater 100407.pdf (125kb)
Chapter 3.15 Utilities - Solid Waste 100407.pdf (50kb)
Chapter 3.16 Noise 100407.pdf (1.8mb)
Chapter 3.17 Fiscal Resources 100407.pdf (91kb)
Chapter 3.18 Demographics 100407.pdf (70kb)
Chapter 3.19 Community Character 100407.pdf (185kb)
Chapter 4 Significant Adverse Unavoidable Impacts 100407.pdf (26kb)
Chapter 5 Alternatives 100407.pdf (29kb)
Chapter 5.1 No-Build Alternative 100407.pdf (1.8mb)
Chapter 5.2 Traditional Neighborhood Alternative 100407.pdf (40mb)
Chapter 5.3 Reduced Scale Alternative 100407.pdf (4.8mb)
Chapter 5.4 Conforming Zoning Alternative 100407.pdf (48kb)
Chapter 5.5 Alternative Energy Option 100407.pdf (2.7mb)
Chapter 6 Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources 100407.pdf (24kb)
Chapter 7 Growth Inducing Aspects 100407.pdf (40kb)
Chapter 8 Effects on the Use and Conservation of Energy Resources 100407.pdf (27kb)

Silo Ridge DEIS Appendices
Table of Contents - Appendices 100407.pdf (27kb)
Appendix_9.1_Correspondence (Including SEQRA Documentation) 100507.pdf (11.1mb)
Appendix_9.2.1_Cultural Resources Survey 100507.pdf (12.8mb)
Appendix_9.2.2_Additional Phase I Archeological and Phase II Evaluation 100507.pdf (30.3mb)
Appendix_9.3_Deleted 100507.pdf (27kb)
Appendix_9.4_Traffic Impact Study 100507.pdf (114.3mb)
Appendix_9.5.1_Preliminary Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan_Proposed Action 100507.pdf (3.6mb)
Appendix_9.5.2_Preliminary Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 100507.pdf (3.9mb)
Appendix_9.6_Wetland Deliniation Report 100507.pdf (10.4mb)
Appendix_9.7.1_Ecological Studies - Habitat Assesment 100507.pdf (12.5mb)
Appendix_9.7.2_Ecological Studies - Supplemental Ecological Resources 100507.pdf (26.2mb)
Appendix_9.8_Wastewater Report 100507.pdf (11.9mb)
Appendix_9.9_Water Report 100507.pdf (8.7mb)
Appendix_9.10_Fiscal Resources 100507.pdf (3.5mb)
Appendix_9.11_Natural Resources Management Plan 100507.pdf (39.7mb)
Appendix_9.12_Aquifier Development and Pumping Test Report 100507.pdf (90.9mb)
Appendix_9.13_SEQR Rock Excavation Concept 100507.pdf (109kb)
Appendix_9.14.1 Preliminary Geotechnical Interpretive Report - Sept 14 2006 - 100507.pdf (5mb)
Appendix_9.14.2_Preliminary Geotechnical Interpretive Report- Feb 16 2007 100507.pdf (7.8mb)
Appendix_9.15_Deleted 100507.pdf (28kb)
Appendix_9.16_Agricultural Data Statement 100507.pdf (569kb)
Appendix_9.17_Parking Study 100507.pdf (172kb)

Silo Ridge DEIS Drawings
ALT_DEIS Alternative Plans Volume III 0100507.pdf (9.7mb)
PAE_Proposed Action Eng Drawings_100507.pdf (30.3mb)
SC_Section Details Drawings 100507.pdf (4.0mb)
TNA_ 1 - Title Sheet 100507.pdf (3.9mb)
TNA_ 2 - Existing Layout 100507.pdf (5.9mb)
TNA_ 3 - Overall Site Plan 100507.pdf (3.8mb)
TNA_ 4 - Overall Grading and Drainage Plan 100507.pdf (3.6mb)
TNA_ 5 - Grading Plan North 100507.pdf (6.0mb)
TNA_ 6 - Grading Plan South 100507.pdf (4.7mb)
TNA_ 7 - Overall Wastewater Master Plan 100507.pdf (4.4mb)
TNA_ 8 - Overall Water Supply System Master Plan 100507.pdf (6.0mb)
TNA_ 9 - Concept Landscape Plan 100507.pdf (2.9mb)