Silo Ridge Resort Community
Amenia, NY

Revised Environmental Assessment Form

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Submitted for review and approval March 6, 2014

Original documents of the materials contained in the links below may also be viewed at Amenia Town Hall or the Amenia Library.

To download the complete Site Plan and Subdivision Documents submitted on March 6, 2014 click the links below. The links will direct you to a website that is external from

A. Revised Full Environmental Assessment Form

1. Silo Ridge Resort Community - Cover Letter
2. Silo Ridge Notice to Designate SEQRA Lead Agency
3. Silo Ridge Existing Site Conditions Plan - SP1
4. Silo Ridge Overall Site Plan - SP2
5. Silo Ridge Full Environmental Assessment Form - 03132014
6. Silo Ridge Cover Letter to Planning Board - 03272014
7. Silo Ridge Land Use Application
8. Silo Ridge Subdivision Lot Line and Preliminary Plat Plan Application
9. Silo Ridge Special Permit and Site Plan Application
10. Authorization of Agent - SILO RIDGE VENTURES PROPERTY A LLC
11. Authorization of Agent - HARLEM VALLEY LANDFILL CORP
12. Signature Pages

B. Addendum to the Environmental Assessment Form - 03192014

1. Addendum to Environmental Assessment Form - 03192014
2. Appendices Index
3. Appendix A - Residential Comparison Plans
4. Appendix B - Golf Comparison Plans
5. Appendix C - Soils and Geology
6. Appendix D - Water Resources
     a. Appendix D.1 - Wetland and Waterbody Impact Table
     b. Appendix D.2 - Silo Ridge Map of Wetland Survey
     c. Appendix D.3 - Stormwater Management Summary
     d. Appendix D.4 - Floodplain Comparison Plans
     e. Appendix D.5 - Buffer Management Comparison Plans
7. Appendix E - Aerial Map Existing Vegetation
8. Appendix F - Cultural Resources
9. Appendix G - Transportation
10. Appendix H - Land Use and Zoning
11. Appendix I - Water: Updated Water Demand
12. Appendix J - Wastewater: Updated Wastewater Demand
13. Appendix K - Fiscal Resources