Silo Ridge Resort Community
Amenia, NY

Site Plan Phase 1 and Subdivision Documents

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Deemed Complete August 21, 2014

A Public Hearing for Silo Ridge Resort Community Site Plan Approval for the first phase of development of the Resort Community will be held September 4, 2014 at 7:00pm at Amenia Town Hall.

Application materials may be viewed by the public at Town Hall, at the Amenia Library, and at the Town's official website ( Additional information can be obtained by calling Town Hall at (845) 373-8118.

A. Site Plan - Phase 1 Sheets

T-1 Title Sheet

C1.01 Legend and General Notes

C2.00 - C2.09 Existing Conditions Plans

C2.10 Overall Zoning Overlay Plan

C3.00 - C3.10 Demolition Plans

C4.01 Preliminary Subdivision Sketch Plan

C5.00 - C5.11 Site Layout Plans

C5.12 Road Geometry Table

C5.21 - C5.25 Road Profiles

C6.01 - C6.05 Traffic Circulation

C7.00 - C7.11 Grading and Drainage Plan

C8.01 - C8.07 Drainage Profiles

C9.00 - C10.18 Water System and Wastewater Collection System Plans, Pump Station Plans, Water Treatment Building Plans, and Details

C11.00 Overall Stormwater Management Facility Plan

C12.00 - C12.09 Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

C12.10 - C12.13 Temporary Sediment Basin Plans

C13.00 - C13.01 Construction Sequencing Plan and Notes

C14.01 - C14.06 Civil Site Details

A1.01 Village Core Key Plan

A3.01 - A3.17 Building Elevations

L0.00 Index Sheet

L1.01 - L1.05 Materials Plan - Enlargements

L1.10 Materials Schedule

L2.01 Site Sections

L3.01 - L3.08 Planting Plans

L3.09 Planting Plans Off Site Screening Improvements

L3.10 - L3.11 Planting Schedules

L3.21 - L3.25 Enlarged Planting Plans

L3.26 Wastewater Treatment Facilities Landscaping Plan and Details

L3.31 - L3.33 Typical Single Family Residential Lots

L4.01 - L4.03 Site Details

L5.01 Planting Details

P1.01 - P1.02 Parking Plans

S1.01 Site Retaining Walls Sections and Details

SL1.00 - SL1.06 Lighting Plans

B. Silo Ridge Preliminary Plat

PL0.00 - PL1.07 Silo Ridge Preliminary Plat