Silo Ridge Resort Community
Amenia, NY

Amended Master Development Plan Documents and Special Use Permit

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Deemed Complete August 21, 2014

A Public Hearing for Silo Ridge Resort Community Amended Master Development Plan and Special Use Permit Approval will be held September 4, 2014 at 7:00pm at Amenia Town Hall.

Application materials may be viewed by the public at Town Hall, at the Amenia Library, and at the Town's official website ( Additional information can be obtained by calling Town Hall at (845) 373-8118.

A. Amended Master Development Plan (Booklet)

Silo Ridge Amended Master Development Plan (Booklet) - 08/07/2014

B. Silo Ridge Master Development Plan Sheets

1. T-1 Title Sheet

2. SP-1 Existing Site Conditions

3. SP-2 Overall Site Plan

4. SP-3 Program Details

5. SP-4 Open Space Plan

6. SP-5 Overall Phasing Plan

7. SP-6 Site Plan Village Green

8. SP-7 Site Plan South Lawn

9. SP-8 Site Plan Golf Villas

10. SP-9 Site Plan Estate Homes

11. SP-10 Site Plan Vineyard Cottages

12. SP-11 Site Plan Winery

13. SP-12 Site Sections Village Green

14. SP-13 Site Sections Village Green Homes

15. SP-14 Site Sections Golf Villas

16. SP-15 Site Sections South Lawn

17. SP-16 Site Sections Estate Homes

18. SP-17 Site Sections Vineyard Cottages

19. SP-18 Site Sections Winery

20. A-1 Architectural Elevations Residential

21. A-2 Architectural Elevations Clubhouse

22. A-3 Architectural Elevations Amenities

23. A-4 Architectural Elevations Amenities

24. A-5 Winery Restaurant Elevations

25. A-6 Winery Perspectives

26. RI-1 Roadway Identification Plan

27. P-1 Parking Plan

28. P-2 Parking Plan

29. C-1 Path Diagram

30. GP-1 Grading Plan 1

31. GP-2 Grading Plan 2

32. SW-1 Overall Stormwater Management Practice Identification Plan

33. U-1 Conceptual Sanitary Sewer System Master Plan

34. U-2 Conceptual Overall Water Supply System

35. LA-1 Site Planting

36. LA-2 Site Lighting

37. LA-3 Site Paving & Walls

38. LA-4 Site Signage

39. LA-5 Pool Precedent Images

40. LA-6 Winery Precedent Images

41. ENV-1 Environmental Constraints Map

42. ENV-2 Habitat Management Plan Existing Conditions

43. ENV-3 Habitat Management Plan Proposed Conditions

44. ENV-4 Habitat Management Plan Buffering Plan - North

45. ENV-5 Habitat Management Plan Buffering Plan - Center

46. ENV-6 Habitat Management Plan Buffering Plan - South