Silo Ridge Resort Community, Amenia, NY
Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)
Accepted Complete September 16, 2008

Informational Meeting #1: September 27, 2008 at 9:00 am at Silo Ridge Country Club
Informational Meeting #2: September 29, 2008 at 7:00 pm at Amenia Town Hall

The Planning Board is providing all involved agencies, interested agencies, and members of the public with the opportunity to submit written comments to the Planning Board regarding the FEIS. The Planning Board will take all substantive written comments into consideration during its preparation and adoption of a Findings Statement.

Written comments can be submitted by delivering hard copies to: Town of Amenia Planning Board, Attn: Lana Anguin-Cohen, 36B Mechanic Street, P.O. Box 126, Amenia, NY, 12501. Written comments can also be submitted electronically at the following e-mail address:

The deadline for submission of written comments is 4:00 pm on October 24, 2008. In order to be considered by the Planning Board, these written comments must be actually received by the Planning Board by this deadline.

* Notice of Completion

Volume I

    * Cover Page
    * Lead agency and Contact
    * Applicant and Participating Consultants (Pages i-ii)
    * Table of Contents (Pages ii-vi)
    * List of Figures (Pages vii-viii)
    * List of Tables (Page ix)
    * List of Appendices (Page x)
        EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Pages 1-74) (19MB)
    2.0 ERRATA
        ERRATA (Pages 75-80) (0.1MB)
      Response to Comments (Pages 81-88) (0.1MB)
      Miscellaneous Comments (Pages 89-116) (0.2MB)
      Introduction (DEIS Section 1.0)
             1.1 Description of Proposed Action (Pages 117-118) (0.1MB)
             1.2 List of Involved Agencies (Page 118) (0.1MB)
             1.3 List of Interested Agencies (Page 118) (0.1MB)
             1.4 Summary of Potential Impacts and Mitigation Measures (Page 118) (0.1MB)
             1.5 Summary of Project Alternatives Considered (Pages 119-120) (0.1MB)
             1.6 Socio-Economic Benefits (Pages 120-122) (0.1MB)
      Description of the Proposed Action (DEIS Section 2.0)
             2.1 Site Location and Description. (Pages 123-129) (0.1MB)
             2.2 Project Purpose, Need, and Benefits. (Pages 129-140) (0.1MB)
             2.3 Construction and Operation - Phasing. (Pages 140-142) (0.1MB)
      Potential Environmental Impacts (DEIS Section 3.0)
             3.1 Soils and Geology. (Pages 143-160) (4.8MB)
             3.2 Water Resources. (Pages 161-216) (6.5MB)
             3.3 Vegetation. (Pages 217) (0.1MB)
             3.4 Wildlife. (Pages 221-238) (2MB)
             3.5 Cultural Resources. (Pages 239-242) (1.2MB)
             3.6 Visual Resources. (Pages 243-284) (0.6MB)
             3.7 Transportation. (Pages 285-306) (0.1MB)
             3.8 Land Use and Zoning. (Pages 307-328) (0.2MB)
             3.9 Local and Regional Plan Consistency. (Pages 329-332) (0.2MB)
             3.10 Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services. (Pages 333-338) (0.1MB)
             3.11 School District Services. (Pages 339-342) (0.1MB)
             3.12 Recreation, Open Space, and Tourism. (Pages 343-350) (0.1MB)
             3.13 Utilities - Water. (Pages 351-360) (0.1MB)
             3.14 Utilities - Wastewater. (Pages 361-380) (0.4MB)
             3.15 Utilities - Solid Waste. (Pages 381-382) (0.1MB)
             3.16 Noise. (Pages 383-384) (0.1MB)
             3.17 Fiscal Resources. (Pages 385-406) (0.1MB)
             3.18 Demographics. (Pages 407-418) (0.1MB)
             3.19 Community Character. (Pages 419-436) (0.1MB)
      Adverse Unavoidable Significant Environmental Impacts if the Project is Implemented (DEIS Section 4.0) (Pages 437-438) (0.1MB)
      Alternatives (DEIS Section 5.0)
             5.1 General Alternative Comments. (Pages 439-442) (0.1MB)
             5.2 Preferred Alternative Fiscal Issues. (Pages 442-459) (0.1MB)
             5.3 Master Development Plan. (Pages 459-470) (0.1MB)
      Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Resources (DEIS Section 6.0) (Pages 471-472) (0.1MB)
      Growth Inducing Aspects (DEIS Section 7.0) (Pages 473-478) (0.1MB)
      Effects on the Use and Conservation of Energy Resources (DEIS Section 8.0) (Pages 479-480) (0.1MB)
      Appendix 9.7 - Ecological Reports. (Pages 481-484) (0.1MB)
      Appendix 9.11 - Natural Resource Management Plan (Pages 485-494) (0.1MB)

Volume II

    APPENDIX A: November 17, 2007 - Public Hearing Transcript (PHT)
    APPENDIX B: March 5th, 2008 - Public Hearing Transcript (PHT)
    APPENDIX C: Written Comments
    APPENDIX D: Marketing Study
    APPENDIX E: Correspondence
    APPENDIX F: Habitat Management Plan
                    Habitat Management Plan - Narrative Part I  
                    ENV - 1 Environmental Constraint Map
                    ENV - 2 Habitat Management Plan Existing Condidtions
                    ENV - 3 Habitat Management Plan Proposed Conditions
                    Buffering Plan North (ENV-4), Center (ENV-5), South (ENV-6)
                    Buffering Plan Supplement North (ENV-7), Center (ENV-8), South (ENV-9)
                    Habitat Management Plan - Narrative Part II

Volume III

    APPENDIX G: Visual Assessment and Simulations
      Table of Contents (4.3MB)
      1.0 US Geological Maps (13MB)
      2.0 Statement of Methodology (0.9MB)
      3.0 Visual Study (56KB)
       3.1 Viewpoint 1
               Visual Narrative (7.6MB)
               Panoramic Images (1MB)
               Key Plans and Cross-Sections (98KB)
       3.2 Viewpoint 2
               Visual Narrative (9.5MB)
               Panoramic Images (1MB)
               Key Plans and Cross-Sections (88KB)
       3.3 Viewpoint 3
               Visual Narrative (87KB)
               Panoramic Images (13MB)
               Key Plans (6.9MB)
       3.4 Viewpoint 4
               Visual Narrative (83KB)
               Panoramic Images (1MB)
               Key Plans and Renderings (8.7MB)
       3.5 Viewpoint 5
               Visual Narrative (88KB)
               Panoramic Images (2MB)
               Key Plans, Renderings and Cross-Section (8.6MB)
       3.6 Viewpoint 6
               Visual Narrative (87KB)
               Panoramic Images (3.4MB)
               Key Plans (7MB)
       3.7 Viewpoint 7
               Visual Narrative (89KB)
               Panoramic Images (3.3MB)
               Key Plans (7MB)
       3.8 Viewpoint 8
               Visual Narrative (87KB)
               Panoramic Images (4.3MB)
               Key Plans (7MB)
      4.0 Height Waivers (2MB)
      5.0 Winery Visual Analysis (8.3MB)
      6.0 DEC Policy System (9.8MB)
      7.0 Winery Video (7.6MB)
Volume IV

    APPENDIX H: Fiscal Impact Analysis
    APPENDIX I: Revised Ecological Reports (DEIS Appendix 9.7)
    APPENDIX J: Water Budget Report for the Irrigation Pond and Island Green Pond
    APPENDIX K: Parking Study
    APPENDIX L: Soil Pesticide Assessment
Volume V

    APPENDIX M: April 2008 Master Development Plan (MDP) The MDP may be accessed via the following link: "Silo Ridge SEQRA"