Silo Ridge Resort Community, Amenia, NY
Master Development Plan and Special Use Permit Application

Deemed Complete April 2, 2009

A Public Hearing for Silo Ridge Resort Community Special Use Permit Application will be held April 30, 2009 at 7:00 pm at Amenia Town Hall. Application materials may be viewed by the public at Town Hall, at the Amenia Library, and at the Town’s official website ( Additional information can be obtained by calling Town Hall at (845) 373-8118.

On April 2, 2009, the Planning Board deemed the special use permit application to be complete for purposes of scheduling a public hearing and referring the application materials to the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Dutchess County Department of Planning and Development. The Planning Board further resolved that a “complete set of special use permit application materials” shall include: (1) the Findings Statement, (2) the MDP, (3) the MDP Set of Plans, and (4) the special use permit application and any additional materials provided by the applicant to supplement that application. To download the complete special use permit application materials click the links below. The links will direct you to a website that is external from [Edited April 7th, 2009]

A) Findings Statement (1-23-2009)

1. Silo Ridge Resort Final Signed Findings Statement 1-23-09 (28 MB)

B) Master Development Plan booklet
1.   Master Development Plan booklet 3-30-09 Entire Book (109 MB)
  Individual MDP sections may be downloaded below: 
a.   MDP - Introduction and Planning the Resort [pp 1-31] (17 MB)
b.   MDP - Architectural Elevations and Character [pp 32-53] (8 MB)
c.   MDP - Landscape Character [pp 54-69] (24 MB)
d.   MDP - Sustainable Community [pp 70-83] (13 MB)
e.    MDP - Amenities and Infrastructure & Phasing [pp 84-99] (36 MB)
f.    MDP - HOA, Zoning, Water & Appendices [pp 100-133] (4 MB)

C) Master Development Plan Drawings

1. T-1 TITLE (4MB)
2. SP-1 Existing-Layout (8.8MB)
3. SP-03 Site Plan - Building Key Plan (3MB)
4. SP-02 Site Plan - Overall Site Plan (15MB)
5. SP4 Program_Details (5.3MB)
6. SP5 open space_PLAN (3.4MB)
7. SP6 PHASING (5.5MB)
8. SP-07 Site Plan - Village Core (8.3MB)
9. SP-08 Site Plan - Hotel Spa Pool (9.8MB)
10. SP-09 Site Plan - Golf Clubhouse and Villa (7.6MB)
11. SP-10 Site Plan - Main Entrance (4.3MB)
12. SP-11 Site Plan - Winery (7.2MB)
13. SP-12 South Lawn Neighborhood (3.3MB)
14. SP-13 Hillside Estate Homes (2.5MB)
15. SP-14 Vineyard Cottages (4.3MB)
16. SP-15 Section - Hotel Lawn Gardens (3.7MB)
17. SP-16 Section - Hotel Pool (2.4MB)
18. SP-17 Section - Shared Gardens (4.8MB)
19. SP-18 Section - Golf Clubhouse (9.4MB)
20. SP-19 Section Golf Villas (7.4MB)
21. SP-20 Section - Winery (6.4MB)
22. SP-21 Section - South Lawn (2.3MB)
23. SP-22 Hillside Estate Homes (0.7MB)
24. SP-23 Vineyard Cottages (0.8MB)
25. A-1 Architectural Elevations (0.1MB)
26. A-2 Architectural Elevations (8.5MB)
27. A-3 Architectural Elevations (6.1MB)
28. A-4 Architectural Elevations (4.8MB)
29. A-5 Winery Restaurant Elevations (7.5MB)
30. A-6 Winery Perspectives (7.1MB)
31. P-1 Parking Table (4.7MB)
32. P-2 Parking Allocations (0.7MB)
33. P-3 Parking Site Plan (0.7MB)
34. P-4 Underground Parking One - Plan (5.7MB)
35. P-5 Undergroung Parking One - Plans & Sections (15MB)
36. P-6 Underground Parking Two - Plan (23MB)
37. P-6 Underground Parking Three - Plan (26MB)
38. P-8 Parking - Multi-Family (8.9MB)
39. GP-1 Grading Plan (48MB)
40. GP-2 Grading Plan (12MB)
41. U-1 Overall Wastewater Master Plan (8MB)
42. U-2 Overall Wastewater Master Plan (5.7MB)
43. U-3 Wastewater Treatment Plant Elevations (4.8MB)
44. U-4 Overall Water Supply System Master Plan (7.5MB)
45. LA-1 Planting - Site Diagram (7.1MB)
46. LA-2 Lighting - Site Diagram (4.7MB)
47. LA-3 Walls - Site Diagram (0.7MB)
48. LA-4 Materials & Site Furninshings - Site Diagram (0.7MB)
49. LA-5 Signage - Site Diagram (5.7MB)
50. LA-6 Hotel, Spa, & Pool - Precedent Images (15MB)
51. LA-7 Winery - Precedent Images (23MB)
52. ENV-1 Environmental Constraints Map (26MB)
53. ENV-2 Habitat Management Plan - Existing Conditions (8.9MB)
54. ENV-3 Habitat Management Plan - Proposed Conditions (48MB)
55. ENV-4 Habitat Management Plan - Buffering Plan - North (12MB)
56. ENV-5 Habitat Management Plan - Buffering Plan - Center (8MB)
57. ENV-6 Habitat Management Plan - Buffering Plan - South (5.7MB)

D) Special Use Permit Application and any additional materials provided by the applicant to supplement that application:

1. Special Permit Application (1-15-09) (0.8 MB)

2. Silo Ridge Agricultural Data Statement (1-16-09) (0.7 MB)

3. Silo Ridge MDP Layout Improvements (3-9-09) (0.1 MB)